Party Planning in a Pandemic: Drinks, Food and Fashion

Now that our décor is complete and our guests have visual of our theme, now its time to start thinking about the food and drink that you will serve your guests.  Again, to complete your theme, your food and beverage choices should be in theme.  From my very first analogy of a formal event, you wouldn’t serve a hot dog at a black tie event lol.  For John-Derricks Jungle theme we have both kids and adults attending.  We decided to have elements that were in theme for both groups.  For the adults, we have our “punch” named “Jungle Juice” served in green re-usable glasses.  For the food we have Loose Tie catering doing Jungle inspired hand passed food. For the kids, we have Lionhead peppers and humus, pineapple trees with fruit for the kids. Then there is the all the sweets! We have animal print and jungle inspired cake pops, cookies, macaroon and of course a Jungle theme cake!!

It’s important to note that our party is in-between lunch and supper so we have more finger food items. If it was a lunch or supper event, we would offer more substantial food options to keep our guests from going hungry!!

To assist in bringing our theme to life, I ordered customized napkins from and bamboo plates and cutlery from Amazon.  These not only add to the look of the event, but make it easier for clean up after!

Lastly, as the hosts for this event, we decided to coordinate our outfits to the theme.  We had a bit of fun with this!! For the birthday boy, we ordered a safari outfit from Etsy with a custom 1 onsie underneath, after all he is the mall of the hour (well week really). For his sister and myself we picked out animal print outfits that we had in our closet.  You can go as basic or wild with this one, all with in your comfort level!

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Anna Patten
Event Conciérge
February 6, 2021