Party Planning in a Pandemic: Extras and Vendor Shout out!

To complete this special pandemic party, we decided to hire a photographer, Kassondra Barry, to come and capture our party for the guests and for us. This is such a special event for us, we want to have the memories!!

A few other special things we did to celebrate his milestone birthday was purchase a camera backdrop for us to take our own photos.  These are from backdropcanada and they have million of choices! You can use a professional camera or your iphone and snap away!! I truly believe you can never have too many photos!!

We used the following vendors and would highly recommend. If you have specific questions about certain items from our event please don’t hesitate to reach out!


NL Party Animals

YYT Balloons


Bake My Day


Kassondra Barry Photography

Pixie FacePainting

Backdrop Canada

Flower Studio

Patten Events Party Prop Rentals

In closing, it really doesn’t matter the number of people at your event. What is most important is how YOU want to celebrate, how big you want to go, or how low key you want to go.  Your event, should be stress-free to you and provide satisfaction in the planning, execution and clue up. 

Our team can offer in assistance at any level of party planning from brainstorming ideas to full event planning and execution.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!!

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Anna Patten
Event Conciérge
February 22, 2021