Party Planning in a Pandemic: Rolling with the Punches

No matter how much you plan and think you have things under control there is always things that are out of your control!! Much like our sons unexpected arrival, we have had to make last minute change to his party. Due to the increase of cases and there being an unknown source, we decided last minute to postpone his party. Our son has some health issues that we are very cautious with, and we are very cautious with our loved ones.  While we struggled with making this decision we knew we weren’t going to be able to relax and enjoy the party, so we thought there was no point to have it.  We contacted all our vendors about moving it and all vendors were the most understanding. Once we set our new date, we emailed our friends and family to let them know of the new date.  Everyone understood, and I think relieved!!

It just goes to show that you can be the most organized, and have everything planned to the very last detail but things happen and you just have to roll with the punches!

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Anna Patten
Event Conciérge
February 8, 2021