Turning 40…Almost A Year Ago

I have been trying to write this post for almost a year now. I actually cannot believe that the first time I have sat down to write is 37 days before my next birthday, the big 4-1! I guess that’s what happens when you are a new mom, starting a new business venture, planning and re-planning weddings and events in an ever changing covid 19 world, oh and planning your own wedding!

Turning 40 was so much fun! With covid 19 restrictions still pretty strict and my nervousness of covid-19 on high alert, I decided to do some different(covid friendly) and fun activities every week of the month. Some activities were for just my girlfriends, some were couple fun and others were for families because after all, I am a mom now with a family ☺ One thing remained the same, it was with all my closest friends and family.

We kicked the birthday month off by a sunrise hike from Cape spear to Maddox cove. We all met at the lighthouse and I gave everyone a snack pack for the hike and of course some birthday swag for our many impromptu photo shoots along the way. The hike was really fun, although it was an hour longer than we anticipated. It was a relatively easy hike, except for the rocks and river we had to hop over, but what would a hike be without a bit of horror and lots of laughs. When we finally made it to the end of the hike, we were greeted by a lovely brunch buffet by the water. Hot coffee, tea, mimosas, muffins, fruit, you name it we had it! It was a perfect way to end our morning hike and to start our day!

The second activity was soooo much fun, it was a family driving scavenger hunt. I had my mom and sister do the clues so Stefan and I could participate. Everyone knows I love a little competition and race, so this adventure was right up my alley!! We were all given our clues and our birthday swag of sunglasses. We had to race around town collecting clues and pictures and meet back at GreenSleeves for celebratory drinks. Our team won, but of course being the host of birthday month we graciously let 2nd place team claim the winner spot 🙂

Third activity was bowling night!! This was one of the few activities we could do without a mask!! We all got dressed in our neon bowling shirts and set off for a fun night at Plaza Bowl!! While bowlers we are not , we are the best of friends that enjoyed each others company, making fun of each others poor bowling skills all while enjoying a night out.

The last activity was a girls weekend away. We rented out Doctors House for the weekend, we checked in Friday after work and that is when the fun began. I had little treat bags done for all of my best friends, with 40 sweatshirts, drinks, snacks, Arbonne face masks, pretty much anything you need for a fun girls weekend away. It was a relaxed weekend of games, champagne, laughs, champagne, hikes, champagne, and all around relaxing fun weekend.

Turning 40 is a blessing, and I consider myself lucky to have been able to celebrate this milestone with the most amazing friends a girl could ask for and an incredibly supportive husband, who puts up with birthday month and for helping make it so special for me!!! At the end of the day, your events don’t have to cost money, but if you take the time and plan them out, they can be special and memorable!!

Now onto planning 41 …………

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Anna Patten
Event Conciérge
April 6, 2022