Wedding Planners Wedding

I plan weddings for a passion. I have planned many weddings over the last 12 years and they have all been so different and unique, but the one common thread is the success of each wedding due to the many hours of planning. When the wedding planner gets married, it’s a different ballgame. There was … Continued

Turning 40…Almost A Year Ago

I have been trying to write this post for almost a year now. I actually cannot believe that the first time I have sat down to write is 37 days before my next birthday, the big 4-1! I guess that’s what happens when you are a new mom, starting a new business venture, planning and … Continued

Party Was a Success

After almost 3 months to the date, we FINALLY had John-Derricks 1 st Birthday party.  It was much much smaller than we initially planned, but it was perfect in every way.  The birthday boy had fun playing with his friends, and the mommas had a relaxing afternoon standing by.  We trimmed down the decor a wee … Continued

Party Planning in a Pandemic: Extras and Vendor Shout out!

To complete this special pandemic party, we decided to hire a photographer, Kassondra Barry, to come and capture our party for the guests and for us. This is such a special event for us, we want to have the memories!! A few other special things we did to celebrate his milestone birthday was purchase a … Continued

Party Planning in a Pandemic: Rolling with the Punches

No matter how much you plan and think you have things under control there is always things that are out of your control!! Much like our sons unexpected arrival, we have had to make last minute change to his party. Due to the increase of cases and there being an unknown source, we decided last … Continued

Party Planning in a Pandemic: Drinks, Food and Fashion

Now that our décor is complete and our guests have visual of our theme, now its time to start thinking about the food and drink that you will serve your guests.  Again, to complete your theme, your food and beverage choices should be in theme.  From my very first analogy of a formal event, you … Continued

Party Planning in a Pandemic: DÉCOR

This blog post was probably my favorite to write.  If you have been following my page for a few years you know I like to get creative with design and décor.  If you are creative and any bit handy, you can bring your event to life without sending a lot of money. Décor: Now that … Continued

Party Planning in a Pandemic

What a strange world we are living in. Who would have thought we would have restrictions to the number of people that can be in your house for a celebration?  Over that last 10 months we all have been spending time with family; enjoying the quiet life and really appreciating the small things, that perhaps … Continued